Anthony Mwangi Kibe (PhD)
Department of Crop Horticulture and Soils Egerton University

Antony M. Kibe is an Associate Professor of Agronomy, in the Crops, Horticulture and Soils Department of Egerton University (CHS), Egerton University, Kenya and formers Senate Representative (Associate Dean) of the Faculty of Agriculture from Nov 2010 to 2014.  He is currently responsible for training in Dry land Farming, Cropping Systems, Annual Crops and Agro-Biodiversity at both undergraduate and post graduate levels.  His research interests are in development of crop production functions (i.e., crop models) for evaluating water and nutrient use efficiencies by field crops.  Prof. Kibe specialized in nutrient and water management for irrigated wheat in his PhD studies from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (PUSA), New Delhi, India, and agronomy of forage oats at MSc level, and BSc Agriculture from the Sam Hagginbottom Institute of agriculture, Technology and Science, Allahabad, U.P. India.  Prof. Kibe started his academic career in April 1992 as an Assistant Lecturer in the Agronomy Department of Egerton University, Kenya, and rose to Associate Professor in April 2013.  He has been a principle investigator and team member of locally and internationally funded collaborative projects, and been an exchange scholar at the Louisiana State University, USA in Oct 2016.  More recently – in July 2017 – he was appointed as the Deputy Director of Egerton University Welfare Services.  Prof Kibe has also served as a Director of Egerton University Savings and Credit Cooperative from April 2013 to March 2017, been a Council member of the Kenya Horticultural Society between 2014 -2017, and is a life member of the Indian Society of Agronomists.  Prof. Kibe is also the patron of a student group at Egerton University, where he passionately mentors them to become responsible and proactive persons.

Milcah Mulu-Mutuku
Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Community Development Studies, Egerton University, Kenya.

Milcah Mulu-Mutuku is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Community Development Studies, Egerton University, Kenya. She holds a PhD and MSc in Entrepreneurship from Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology, Kenya and BSc. in Agriculture and Home Economics from Egerton University, Kenya. Her research interest is in Rural Entrepreneurship with special focus on sustainable livelihoods, youth and female entrepreneurism. She has been involved in projects designed to enhance management and technical skills among women micro entrepreneurs as well as enhancement of food safety through reduced pesticide residues on vegetables using a market chain approach. Milcah has also been involved in promotion of cassava production and utilisation through commercialisation; empowering youth with agri-entrepreneurial knowledge and skills; assessing farmer learning pathway preferences and agricultural technology uptake by small scale farmers in Kenya; assessing the impact of Egerton University community engagement activities on rural households; influence of mobile money on control of productive resources among women micro entrepreneurs; assessing the state and potential of technology extension services to small and medium size firms in Kenya, and internet access and its influence on teaching and learning at Egerton University. Milcah is a member of the Egerton University team implementing the Community Action Research Project (CARP+) on enhancing access of high quality seed potato for improved productivity and income among smallholder farmers in Nakuru County funded by RUFORUM.

John Ng’ang,a
Research Assistant.

John Nganga is a PhD Agronomy Student at Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya. He is working on Potato Cyst Nematode Management and the mechanisms involved in yield loss under PCN infestation. His interests include modelling pathogen population dynamics and crop physiology responses under biotic and abiotic stresses in relation to climate change. John’s hope is to see Kenya develop smart disease and pest monitoring and forecast system through such models to effectively manage pest related threats to food security. John is focused on becoming a skilled researcher/scientist in Agronomy. His dream is to develop smart agricultural solutions to address the existing challenges in the farming systems of Kenya. John hopes to become the person in-charge of agriculture at the National Level in Kenya someday.

John Nganga is working for the CARP+ Seed Potato Value Chain project at Egerton University as a Research Assistant.

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