Our facilities and services include:

1)  Secretariat of the Nakuru Irrigation Acceleration platform and CARP+ project

2)   Farmers CaWSA resource and outreach centre offering:

•Demos on water harvesting pans, solar pumps, drip, mist and sprinkler irrigation systems

•   Farmer and student-led crop and fodder demonstration and experimentation plots

•  Hydroponic, aeroponic and mechanized seed potato demonstration units

•  Short Courses, seminars, demo farm tours

•  Growing and selling of fresh produce to the University Cafeterias and sta for generation of income to sustain the centre.

•  Provide internship for students and practitioners of irrigated agriculture.

3)Support farmer outreach, training and producer organizations by linking them to relevant service providers that strengthen their productivity.

About CaWSA

The CaWSA- Centre showcases various water conservation, storage, abstraction and distribution systems and soil and moisture conservation technologies, innovations and management practices (TIMPS).

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Prof. Anthony M. Kibe,

CaWSA – Centre Coordinator
Crops, Horticulture and Soils Department, Egerton
University, Njoro, Kenya.

Email: akibe@egerton.ac.ke,

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