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Quality Seed Potato Enables Farmers to Move Beyond Poverty in Africa

Experience has shown that smallholders who use quality seed potatoes produce better harvests – and thereby enjoy greater food security and incomes – than farmers who don’t. One study in Kenya found that farmers who used high-quality seed doubled their incomes from the sale of ware potatoes in just two years. Nevertheless, the cost and difficulty of obtaining quality seed potatoes, and a lack of awareness of their potential, have prevented the vast majority of African farmers from using them. Egerton University thus continues to provide disease-free tubers or rooted apical cuttings and training farmers in good farming practices.

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The Council has been structured to draw synergies from a wide membership representing all Stakeholders and actors in the industry and uses pragmatic approaches of interrogating the processes in the subsector in order to revamp and develop the industry. The Council works closely with stakeholders and development partners in implementing strategic initiatives aimed at transforming the industry. The Council engages policy makers at regional, national and county levels to inform policymaking and promote adoption of harmonized policies, regulations, and standards to enhance development and growth of a robust potato industry in Kenya and seamless trade in the region.
Located at KALRO-Kabete (former KARI-NARL) Campus, Waiyaki Way, P.O. Box 29982-00100 Nairobi Kenya
Telephone, +254712338633/ +254202411921 Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website:

Potato industry is a leading contributor to increased incomes, food security, and improved welfare in Kenya

Coordinate potato sub-sector stakeholders towards development of potato industry’s profitability and livelihoods improvement.

The NPCK Strategic Plan is anchored on six objectives:
1. To contribute in creating an enabling environment for effective and efficient potato value chains for growth and development of a self-regulating potato industry.
2. To help build a cohesive potato industry in order to promote synergies and minimize duplication for efficient use of resources through enhanced public private partnership
3. To promote best practices for quality standards, improved yields and enhanced value addition in order to thrive in local, regional, and global markets.
4. To create a platform for information management and capacity building for the various potato value chain actors.
5. To mobilize and effectively manage resources for the growth and stability of the organization and prosperity of the industry.
6. To identify and mainstream crosscutting and emerging issues within the potato industry

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The CaWSA- Centre showcases various water conservation, storage, abstraction and distribution systems and soil and moisture conservation technologies, innovations and management practices (TIMPS).

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Prof. Anthony M. Kibe,

CaWSA – Centre Coordinator
Crops, Horticulture and Soils Department, Egerton
University, Njoro, Kenya.


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